Candle Holders

Candle Holders

Create atmosphere and ambience in your home with candle holders, candles and candlesticks. From tealights grouped together on your table, elegant candles providing a soft glow on a mantlepiece and decorative candle holders that look equally beautiful in the daytime as at night, explore our extensive collection here.

Unique and Unusual Candle Holders

We believe it’s important to put your own personal stamp on your home with the accessories you choose, which is why we pride ourselves on our collection of unique and quirky candle holders. From vibrant coloured candlesticks and animal designs to shapely glass candle holders and beautiful unique lanterns, there is something for everyone in our eclectic collection.

What are the different types of candle holders?

When it comes to candle holders, there are the obvious types such as dinner candlesticks and candelabras with their tall, elegant shapes and tealight holders with their shallow design, but there are other kinds which have specific purposes too.
  1. A votive candle holder is a cup-shaped version which is usually a glass or ceramic candle holder. They’re made to hold small, cylindrical votive candles.
  2. Traditionally, hurricane candle holders are designed to protect your candle from the wind. They tend to be crafted from metal or glass with a broad base for stability, making them ideal for outdoor spaces.
  3. Pillar candle holders are, as you would suspect, made to hold tall pillar candles. Often, the holder emulates the candle itself with a tall design and a wide hollowed slot at the top made for holding the candle securely.
  4. Originally, chambersticks were designed to be carried and light the way to bed before the advent of electricity. Their wide base would catch any dripping wax while walking. Chamberstick candle holders were particularly popular with wealthy families during the 18th century and would be used to guide the way around the house at night. Chambermaids would then collect the chambersticks in the morning and clean the wax away before returning them back to their designated spot. Though today we don’t need chambersticks for their practical purpose, they are still perfect for bringing antique Dickensian charm to our homes when perched on a hallway console or bedside table.

How to protect your surface from candle wax

By placing your candle and its holder onto a drip tray you can prevent any wax from falling onto your furniture. Plus, to keep your candle burning safely, we recommend trimming the wick after each burn to around 5-6mm.