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What is the G&G loyalty program?

Our loyalty program means you can purchase online or in store and get 5% of what you paid credited back into your Graham and Green account. For example, if you spend £100, then you’ll earn £5 credit.

By signing up, you’ll receive a loyalty card in the post that you can present in store to redeem your credit. Your credit is automatically applied once your order has been shipped. Please note that credit is not earned when buying gift vouchers or e-gift cards.

Already have a G&G account?
Log in then click onto ‘Loyalty Program’ to sign up.

Don’t have a G&G account?
Create one and sign up to our loyalty program.


Q How does the Loyalty Program work?
When you join our Loyalty Program, you will receive a loyalty card by post. If you are shopping online, your loyalty credit will automatically be applied once you have logged into your customer account. If shopping in store, simply present your loyalty card at the till and credit will added, ready to spend on your next purchase. Please note that credit is not earned when buying gift vouchers or e-gift cards.

Q Is there a limit to what I can earn?
You will always earn 5% of the total order value unless any credit or discounts have been applied. The only time loyalty credit is not earned is when buying gift vouchers or e-gift cards.

Q How quickly will my credit balance update?
It can take up to 24 hours for your credit balance to update after earning credit, or as soon as your order has been shipped from our warehouse. Redeemed credit is deducted immediately from your next purchase. Please note that credit earned on made-to-order items will take longer to update as it takes approximately 8-12 weeks for bespoke items to be shipped.

Q How do I view my credit balance?
The credit balance on your account can be viewed by logging into Your Account on our website.

Q Does my credit expire?
Credit that has not been redeemed has a 24-month expiry period from the date the credit was earned. This will then be automatically removed from your account once expired.



Q Can I save up my credit?
No, the credit you earn on each purchase will be automatically deducted from your next purchase. If the new order amount is less than your total loyalty balance amount, the remainder of the loyalty balance will be deducted from any subsequent order.

Q How do I redeem my loyalty credit?
Credit is automatically deducted during the checkout process for your next online order when you are logged into your Graham and Green account. To redeem credit in store, please present your loyalty card or valid ID so that we can locate your account. Loyalty credit is not redeemable for cash, and can only be used when making a transaction online or in store. If you have more than one Graham and Green account, please make sure you are logged into or using the right account to ensure loyalty balance is updated correctly.

Q Can I combine loyalty credit with discounts?
Yes, your loyalty credit acts like any other form of payment and can be used with promotional codes, however you’ll only earn credit on the paid value of your order.

Q Can I combine loyalty credit with Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers?
Absolutely, and while credit is not earned when buying eGift Cards or paper Gift Vouchers, you’ll earn credit when you spend your eGift card/Gift Voucher, meaning they are worth even more!



Q Do I get my loyalty credit back if I return my order?

If you change your mind about a purchase that you have earned loyalty credit from, but not yet spent, then we’ll simply remove the loyalty credit earned from that order and process your refund as normal.

If you have earned loyalty credit on the item(s) you are returning, but have already spent this credit on a new order, then we’ll deduct this amount from your refund total.

Regardless of how many items you are returning from an order, the full amount of loyalty credit used to part-pay or fully pay for your order will be deducted from your refund but will be added back onto your loyalty balance, which can then be used to pay/part-pay for your next order. The remaining amount will then be refunded to you via your original payment method.

Order paid for partly or in full using your loyalty balance?
When returning any part of this order, the loyalty amount used to pay for this order will be returned to your loyalty balance (which will then be used on your next order).

If you used a discount code, this will be applied to the value of the item before refunding. Your credit balance will also change to remove any loyalty credit earned on that purchase.



Q How do I request a new loyalty card?
Should you lose or damage your Loyalty Card, please contact Customer Services who will issue you with a new card.

Q How do I leave the Loyalty Program?

We hope you enjoy our G&G Loyalty Program, but if at any time you wish to leave, simply contact Customer Services. Please be aware that upon leaving the program, any outstanding credit balance will be lost.

Q Where can I report a problem or give feedback?
Please contact Customer Services should you encounter any problems via telephone (01225 418 200) or email (


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