Bed Linen And Quilts

Create the cosiest of beds with layers of beautiful bed linen and pretty handblocked quilts for the perfect night’s sleep.

Graham and Green Bed Linen and Quilts

The key ingredient to creating a truly soothing bedroom sanctuary is always the bedding. Cosetted between soft sheets and cosy quilts which are just as stylish as they are comfortable will help you achieve ultimate relaxation in the bedroom. 

Our collection brings together luxurious unbleached bed linen with high thread counts so you know you’re investing in quality and a good night’s sleep. To complete the look, we have a varied collection of quilts, blankets and throws in different sizes, styles and fabrics to suit your needs. Our velvet quilts lend a soft and sumptuous feel to any room, while many of our cotton and linen throws are finished with artisanal hand-blocked patterns. 

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What bedding should I choose?

You want your bed linen to be comfortable, no matter the time of year. For ultimate comfort, we advise switching up your bedding seasonally with soft breathable cotton-linen, which will keep you cool in summer and can be topped with warm cosy faux fur or thick velvet quilts in winter.

In terms of colour, you want to choose something which will both complement your room but also provide longevity. Natural-coloured bed linen is timeless and, if you should change the colour and style of your room, you can always update it easily with a different throw or set of scatter cushions to tie it in with your new theme.