Bedside Tables

Create a peaceful space beside your bed with a bedside table to suit your needs. Whether you prefer drawers to store all your bedroom essentials or like to keep them close to hand on top, discover our curated collection for a calm and organised sleeping space.

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Bedside Cabinets & Nightstands

From our signature Graham and Green bone inlay designs to elegant antique-inspired pieces and more modern looks, our collection of bedside cabinets and tables offer an array of sizes and styles for you to choose from. 

But a bedside table is so much more than simply a stylish piece of furniture. It’s essential for storage which helps to keep your bedroom feeling peaceful and well organised. It also enables you to keep lamps, books and, of course, copious cups of tea close to hand. Many of our bedsides offer drawers and cupboards too, so you can keep clutter at bay, making your space conducive to a restful night’s sleep. But, if your room is on the smaller side, we also have space-saving bedside tables with slender footprints and slimline silhouettes which are ideal for your bedroom

How to choose a nightstand

When it comes to deciding what nightstand to choose, there are a few considerations. We recommend any bedside table to be a similar height to your bed or ever-so slightly taller as this will enable you to keep the items you need within easy reach. 

Next, it’s a good idea to consider how much bedside storage space you’ll need and what items you would like to store. For instance, are you looking for a bedside with multiple drawers? Or do you need to store items such as room sprays, in which case would a cupboard with shelving be more suitable? Open shelving is also another option for those who would like to display trinkets and decorative accessories.  

Don’t forget to complete the look with a few accessories such as table lamps, picture frames and perhaps a candle or two to bring ambience to your bedroom.