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A Guide To Rug Placement

A Guide To Rug Placement

Often the last thing we think about in each room of our homes is a rug. Yet a rug can transform a room, pulling together all the elements and creating a cohesive, relaxing interior. Rugs can change the look and feel of your room, define a focal point or create “zones” in open-plan spaces. Here’s how to choose the right rug for a particular area of your home.


Living Room

This much-used room is the perfect place to bring colour and pattern into your interior and a rug can really complete the look of your space. It’s important to get the proportions right by choosing a rug big enough so that all your furniture will sit on it. If you want to opt for a smaller rug, do try to find one sizable enough so that each piece of furniture touches it. An out-of-proportion rug will make your room look smaller and can be a trip hazard for well-used areas.

In terms of colour and pattern, you can go bold with a statement rug or choose a more muted shade that will ground your living room and give it a sense of calm.

Dining Area

Your choice of rug can soften this functional space. Ensure the rug is large enough to fit both dining table and chairs with plenty of surrounding space to pull the chairs out. If the rug is too small and only fits the table, it can make your room appear cramped. To prevent your rug moving on a floor, use rug grip underlay, which can be cut to size.


In a bedroom, the texture of a rug is really important as it is an area of the house where you may like to go without shoes. It needs to be cosy and calming for your sleeping space, too. As in the living and dining room, there should be plenty of space on the rug once furniture has been placed. If you don’t have a large enough rug, you can put two rugs either side of a bed instead. And rugs aren’t only for wooden floors, you can layer rugs on carpet to add interest and colour to your room.

Handwoven rugs can be rich in subtle pattern making them an ideal choice for a restful bedroom.

Home Office

Rugs can help divide or “zone” a space which is particularly useful if you are working from home and want to create a home office within your kitchen, living or bedroom. They can divide a space and define different areas in a large room. A rug will add character to a simple WFH scene, making it a more appealing space and incorporating it into your home’s existing aesthetic. As with your dining table, ensure your rug is large enough to comfortably accommodate both desk and chair.

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