Sideboards & TV Stands

Perfect for dining rooms or living areas, our beautifully crafted sideboards offer a practical storage solution for household essentials, such as plates and table linen or books and photo albums. We also have a curated range of TV stands that provide the perfect surface to set your TV on. Each piece is built to last and become a forever piece in your home. 

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Wooden sideboards are a timeless piece

Traditionally, sideboards are used to store food ready for serving in the dining room and are often referred to as buffet tables or credenzas. Though their functionality is the same, there are subtle differences between sideboards, buffet tables and credenzas. Originally, all three were usually crafted as mahogany, pine, walnut or oak sideboards with the addition of glass display cabinetry, storage cupboards and drawers, but the buffet table would have taller legs whereas a sideboard or credenza would have shorter legs or none at all. When choosing between the three, it depends on your personal style preference.  

Today, sideboards can be used in any room in the home and are often chosen to store table linens and glassware and serve an aesthetic purpose.  

How to dress a sideboard

When it comes to how to style a sideboard, it’s worth considering which room you want it to reside in. For example, a living room sideboard may be best placed opposite your sofa and could double as a TV stand. Or, if it has glass doors you could use it as a kitchen sideboard and use it to display your finest crockery and crystal glassware.  

What you display on your sideboard will also be determined by its aesthetic. A wood or rattan sideboard will fit well in a Scandi or modern retro-inspired room and match beautifully with the likes of amber vases and glassware, potted house plants and table lamps. When it comes to choosing what to put on the wall above a large sideboard, why not consider a large round mirror? Or a curated gallery wall of your favourite framed prints and artworks?  

Small vs Large Sideboards?

Here is some handy advice on how to make sure you’re choosing the right size sideboard for your room

  1. When choosing your sideboard, make sure it is roughly the same height as your dining table. Typically, the standard height of a sideboard is between 76-91cm tall. Or, if you’re going to place it in your living room, take the size of the room and its purpose into account. For instance, if your living room is quite compact and you want to use it for display and storage purposes then a slim, small sideboard which is slightly taller than average will make the most of vertical storage space yet still be at an ideal height for showcasing your favourite ornaments and decorative accessories. Or if you’re using it as a TV stand, then you’ll want to make sure it sits at just below eye level when you’re on your sofa.

  2. Make sure there is plenty of space between your chosen sideboard and any other furniture or walkways in a room. This is especially important in narrow hallways or rooms where you’re tight on space, this is one where one of ours small sideboards will come in handy.