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Bring light to every corner of your home with our curated collection of eclectic table lamps. With a wide range of sizes, materials, shapes and colours available, there’s something to suit every interior style. From small bedside lamps perfect for late night reading to large statement living room lamps in striking gold or coloured glass.

Enhance the ambience further by matching your chosen lamp with one of our lamp shades for an added layer of flair. 

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At Graham and Green we have a wide selection of table lamps to suit any space, from best-selling animal lights, traditional wooden table lamps, statement bobble designs and minimalist modern lamps crafted from glass and brass, to bedside and desk lamps. Match these with a table lamp shade and enjoy the ambience of your newly decorated space. 

How to choose a Table Lamp?

Lamps are as much a decorative feature as they are a practical lighting fixture. When choosing a table lamp, it is important to consider a style that compliments your decor. Is your home modern or traditional? Eclectic or minimalist? Sleek black table lamps and brass desk lamps are perfect for a modern interior, whereas a traditional home would suit a classic wooden table lamp or ceramic based lamp. If your style is a softer bohemian space, a rattan lamp would be perfect. If you’re buying more than one table lamp for a room, choose lamps with similar colours or shapes that tie together, without having to match exactly. 


It is easy to jump into buying a table lamp you love without measuring the space you’re intending to have it which can result in a lamp that looks out of proportion to its surroundings. Make sure you’ve thought about the lamp location and the space available for the lamp shade and base. A huge lamp will look disproportionate on a small bedside table – it would be best to pick a lamp with a slender base. Similarly, a small lamp could look lost in a large room, so go for a standout style that can act as an eye-catching focal point. 


Living room lamps offer a softer light than the main light fixture within the room. They create a warm and cosy atmosphere on an evening when relaxation is key. Most living rooms benefit from having a few table lamps dotted around the room. Place one next to your sofa or armchair to create a well lit sitting area or add one to your bookcase or shelving unit to enhance your decor. 

Bedside lamps

The light in a bedroom should be soft and diffused. Place the lamp on your bedside table so it is easy to turn off when you want to go to sleep. Having one on each side will result in a balanced look and ensure the lighting is well distributed around the room. It is also important to consider the height of your bedside table lamp – you want the bottom of the lamp to be at eye level so the light is shining onto your lap, not into your eyes. A bedside table is normally home to many home accessories, so it might be wise to choose a small table lamp that allows space for clocks, trinkets and other bits and bobs. 

Desk lamps 

Size and adjustability are key when choosing a lamp for your desk. Look for desk lamps which have the functionality to swivel and include adjustable arms – this means you can really target the light for those important tasks on your to-do list. Additional table lamps can be placed around the room, on side tables and shelves, to create a relaxed atmosphere for working.