From bar stools to perch on during the early morning rush, kitchen stools perfect for sitting and enjoying dinner and low stools ideal for grabbing when you need that extra seat in the living room. Our collection showcases an array of styles which are pretty and practical additions to your home.

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 Kitchen Stools and Bar Chairs

Whether you’re searching for extra seating around the dining table or comfortable high-back designs to nestle neatly under your breakfast bar, we have a selection of bar chairs, kitchen stools, and even stools for your dressing table which are perfect for your home.

We have plenty of different styles on offer, from rustic wooden bar stools with industrial metal legs that add a simple yet stylish feel to your home, to sleek modern counter stools to eat your breakfast at. Alongside our bar chairs, we have our signature handmade mother of pearl stools which are the perfect match for a dressing table. Or if you want to add a touch of relaxed elegance to your living room, one of our velvet upholstered stools might work in your home. 

If you’re thinking of revamping your kitchen with a couple of bar chairs or kitchen stools, we have plenty of other home accessories available to help you out too, such as beautiful glassware, luxurious barware and slubbed table linens which will transform your space into somewhere you and your family can enjoy. 

You can complete the look for your stool by adding comfy yet stylish seat pads. We have an eclectic collection, from neutral and timeless colourways and soft sheepskins, to vibrant retro-inspired pieces that will brighten your home. 

How to choose a bar stool

Before making your decision, make sure you consider the height of your home-bar or kitchen island. The bar chair you choose should just be high enough so that your feet can rest on the floor or the footrest if it has one. Our collection is filled with bar stools which have wide seats and high, supportive backs so you and your family will always be sitting comfortably.