At Graham and Green, our journey since 1974 has been about more than just curating beautiful homewares; it's about fostering a deep connection with artisans worldwide and bringing responsibly-made treasures into your home. We are dedicated to continually evolving our practices to ensure they reflect our commitment to ethical responsibility and sustainability. We recognise that perfection in sustainability is an ongoing journey, not a destination. We’re committed to transparency about where we are now and our steps towards ensuring our impact on both the planet and its people is a positive one. Explore our detailed efforts in our 'Conscious Commitments' report linked below.

Areas of the business we are continuously committed to improving

1. Consciously sourcing products 

2. Reducing waste, recycling more and improving packaging 

3. Improving energy efficiency

4. Improving transport options and working with more sustainable couriers 

5. Working with charity partners 

6. Commitment to service and investment in people

Our Materials and Care Guide

We believe that the right care can extend the life and beauty of any piece. Understanding how to maintain and repair our products ensures they can be enjoyed for generations. Read our comprehensive care guide and learn how to preserve your treasures for a lifetime.