Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Whether you’re looking for space-saving styles or an alternative to overhead lighting, our tall floor lamps create ambience in any space. Explore our versatile collection of styles, from oversized angled floor lights that pair nicely with our table lamps, to quirky floor lamps inspired by our travels.  

Unusual floor lamps

We pride ourselves on our collection of unique and quirky floor lamps. No matter which you choose, whether it be gold, black or brass floor lamps, they’re a versatile lighting choice which provide both style and function in any room. They work well as task lights for those dark corners when you want to revisit your favourite novel or begin a new craft, and they are excellent for providing early evening ambience with a warm, inviting glow. Floor lamps can also be easily moved around the room to wherever you need them.  

Floor lamps for living rooms

Here’s our handy step-by-step guide to choosing the right floor lamp for your home.  

  1. Think about where you will use it: First, consider the purpose of your floor lamp. Are you using it as a task light and want it to sit next to your sofa? Or is it simply to provide ambience in the room? Either way, this will determine the style and size you need.
  2. Determine size and scale: Next, think about what size you’re looking for. A floor lamp which is too large may overwhelm the space whereas one which is too small will look out of place. And, as we say, the purpose of your floor lamp counts here too; for instance, your reading floor lamp may need to be smaller and slot neatly into a corner whereas a larger lamp next to your sofa may take centre stage in the room.
  3. Consider the height: As a rule, a floor lamp which will be placed beside your sofa should be around 58 to 64 inches in height. For those living in cottages with low ceilings then it’s worth erring on the shorter side and perhaps also measuring your ceiling height to make sure your floor lamp fits nicely.  
  4. Get the shade right: If you’re picking a floor lamp which requires a shade, then we recommend reading our lamp shade guide.  
  5. Choose your style: Think about the interior style you want to create. Do you have eclectic tastes? Or do you prefer a more minimal approach? The material, whether glass, wood or metal, will also determine the sort of style you choose, with timber floor lamps being more classic and gold floor lamps more luxurious.  
  6. Choose your lightbulb temperature: Consider the colour temperature of your bulb and how this affects the atmosphere you’re trying to create. For example, bulbs which are around 2700K will produce a warmer glow than those around 5000K which have cooler tones that are ideal for task lighting.  

Types of floor lamps

There are several types of floor lamps you can choose from. Here are a few popular choices below.  

Torchiere floor lamp  

Taking its name from its torch-like shape, this is one of the tallest floor lamps at around seven feet high. It's ideal for living rooms and bedrooms and will provide your space with ambient light.  

Arc floor lamp 

This type of lamp is perfect for large seating areas in the living room. Its long arm will extend up and over so you can provide the middle of your room with ambient light. It works well in a sitting room setting next to your sofa and will become a feature of your room.  

Standing floor lamp 

Usually very classic and traditional in its design, a standing floor lamp makes a great choice for any room in your home.  

Reading floor lamp 

This one is, of course, ideal for placing next to your favourite armchair so you can browse through your latest reads. Its light usually has a targeted spill which makes it a great task light.  

Swing arm floor lamp  

A swing arm lamp is an excellent choice for spaces where you want to redirect light easily without having to move the entire lamp. Simply use its adjustable swing arm to target the light where you need it.