Coffee Tables

Taking centre stage in your living room, our collection of coffee tables are both beautiful and practical. Go bold with a marble coffee table or go for something softer with a jute topped coffee table. Alternatively, keep it clean with a minimalist wooden coffee table or a coffee table with integrated storage.

Coffee Tables for Living Rooms

A coffee table sits at the heart of your living space, where family and guests gather to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Within our collection, we have large and small coffee tables in an eclectic mix of styles. We offer classic, contemporary, and unique and unusual coffee tables in a variety of materials such as rattan, and wood, as well as a range of shapes too, including round and square coffee tables which will tuck neatly into smaller spaces. 

From glass coffee tables which provide a sleek and modern look to wooden designs for a traditional feel, both will bring style and personality to your sitting room. If you’re searching for something more luxurious, then a marble coffee table will bring an element of sophisticated glamour to your living room. 

As well as style, we know that getting the size and shape right for your table is important. A round coffee table always feels inviting and informal, and brings a sense of symmetry to your room, whereas square or rectangular tables often bring more formality to a space but are useful for slotting into a corner when you don’t want them in the centre of the room. 

When considering which table to choose, it’s worth thinking about the storage you need too. Within our collection we have coffee tables with plenty of under-shelf storage so you can keep your favourite books and magazines close to hand.