Draught Excluders & Door Stops

Keep your home warm and toasty with our selection of draught excluders and door stops. These pretty yet practical household essentials bring a cosy feel to your home, while acting as a stylish way to bring a bit of personality and warmth to any room. From velvet draught excluders to patterned door stops, we have a selection for you to choose from. 

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  1. From £20.00

    Available in 6 styles

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    Available in 8 colours

  3. From £32.50

    Available in 7 colours

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Draught Excluders For Doors

During the cooler months, door draught excluders are an easy and affordable way to keep the cold out of your home. Wherever you like to use them, whether it’s draught excluders for doors or windows, we have a selection available which will keep your home feeling cosy throughout the season.  

A draught excluder is more than simply a practical accessory for keeping the cold out though, it’s also an opportunity to bring a stylish piece into your home. From soft velvet designs to cotton and linen printed with an array of patterns and colours, there’s plenty of opportunity to choose a look which matches well with your home.   

Keeping the cold at bay throughout winter with a draught excluder isn’t the only solution either, remember you can use thick thermal curtains to add another layer of insulation to your rooms. Our lined velvet curtains are a great way to bring warmth and style to a space, while our thick woollen rugs and sheepskins are ideal for bringing cosiness to your home underfoot. Then of course, you can accessorise your sofa and bed with soft throws, blankets and quilts and, if you want to make your space extra snug, you can warm yourself with a faux fur hot water bottle to stay toasty.