Everyone needs a good living room spot they can relax in. From luxurious velvet and leather armchairs to natural linen designs as well as cocktail and accent chairs, we have a selection of cosy seating for your home, many of which are complemented with matching footstools. If bespoke, made-to-order armchairs are what you’re looking for, then look at our collection and select your preferred style, fabric and colour. 

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  1. From £650.00

    Available in 3 colours

  2. £1,150.00

    Available in 13 fabrics

  3. £2,295.00

    Available in 41 fabrics

  4. £1,450.00

    Available in 30 fabrics

  5. £1,995.00

    Available in 37 fabrics

  6. £1,895.00

    Available in 36 fabrics

  7. £1,495.00

    Available in 30 fabrics

  8. £2,795.00

    From: £2795 / Available in 34 fabrics

  9. £1,150.00

    Available in 30 fabrics

  10. £1,450.00

    Available in 30 fabrics

  11. £2,395.00

    From: £2395 / Available in 42 fabrics

  12. £1,450.00

    Available in 30 fabrics

  13. £1,650.00

    Available in 36 fabrics

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Shopping Options

Fabric and Leather Armchairs

In our collection we use a range of upholstery fabrics for our armchairs to give you plenty of choice. Many of our designs are also upholstered by hand using one of our carefully chosen fabrics, from plush velvet and breathable linen to cosy faux fur, soft-to-touch bouclé and 100% leather. If you’re searching for a luxurious seating option, then our Ashton Armchairs with their choice of either velvet or bouclé are an excellent choice.  

Cosy Designer Armchairs 

Whether you’re curling up in a classic comfy reading chair or unwinding by the fireside in a modern armchair, everyone needs a good living room spot they can relax in. From luxurious velvet and leather armchairs to natural linen designs, our armchairs are made for consiness. Many of them are exclusively designed especially for G&G and all have deep, cushioned seats for comfort.  

How to choose an armchair 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect armchair for reading, relaxation or simply to curl up with a good cup of tea, we have a handy guide to help you choose.  

  1. Consider the size of your space: Before you make your decision it’s always a good idea to measure the area you’re planning on using your armchair to make sure it fits. Remember to take doorways and existing furniture into account, too. For living rooms which are tight on space, then opt for a small or swivel armchair.  
  2. Keep it comfortable: Consider the purpose of your armchair. If you want an armchair for reading, then you may want it to have a certain back height and armrest placement to make this as comfortable as possible. If you can, trial out a couple of armchairs first to see what sort of cushioning works for you; for instance, do you like your chairs to be firm or soft?  
  3. Make it stylish: Choose an armchair which works well with the other pieces in your living room or bedroom. For those who love a timeless, traditional look, a leather club chair might work well, or for those who enjoy mid-century modern styles then an armchair with clean lines and tapered legs may be more appropriate.  
  4. Think about the fabric: Matching the fabric for your armchair to your interior decor is one thing, but there are practicalities to consider, too. For instance, if you have pets or children, then a dark, durable fabric might be best, as well as one which is easy to clean. Leather armchairs are a good option in this case, especially in high traffic areas, whereas velvet armchairs are more luxurious and tend to need a little more care.  

Handmade armchairs

Some of our designs are completely handmade by talented artisans to precise specifications. The frames are made from solid wood and some, such as the ash wood on our Hoxton or York armchairs, we purposefully leave exposed so that the beautiful timber grain becomes part of the design.