From greenhouse and garden scents to colourful candlesticks, our collection of candles, scented candles and candlesticks provides plenty of choice. Whether it's for yourself or a gift for a loved one, a candle or two will not only be the perfect pairing for a tablescape or coffee table, it will invite a warm and cosy feel into your home too.

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Illuminate your space with elegance and charm with our exquisite collection of candlesticks. Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or intricate and traditional patterns, our diverse range has something to suit every taste. From intimate dinners to grand celebrations, our candlesticks add a warm and inviting ambiance to any occasion. Elevate your home décor and create unforgettable moments with our stunning selection of candlesticks.


Scented candles transform any space into a sanctuary of tranquillity and ambiance, enchanting the senses with their scents. Whether you seek the calming whispers of lavender, the warm embrace of ginger, or the invigorating zest of citrus, our diverse range of scented candles cater to every mood and preference.


Candle tunnelling occurs when a candle burns down the centre, leaving a tunnel of wax around the wick instead of melting evenly across the entire surface. To fix this issue, it's crucial to ensure that during the initial burn, the candle's wax pool extends to the edges of the container. This typically takes about one hour per inch of diameter. 

Trimming the wick to about 5-6mm before each use promotes an even burn and prevents tunnelling, ensuring maximum enjoyment and longevity of your candle. If tunnelling has already happened, try the hack of wrapping tinfoil around the top of your candle or candle holder and letting it burn will encourage the wax around the edges to melt.