Chests Of Drawers

We have an array of stylish and practical chests of drawers to adorn your bedroom. From our signature bone inlay and traditional French antique looks to more modern wooden and embossed metal designs. For those that are short on space, opt for small yet tall chests that will nestle into even the tightest spots and help you make the most of vertical storage. Or, if you need a larger option, we have plenty of wide chests of drawers to suit.

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One of the key storage components to a bedroom is a chest of drawers. Here we have a few handy snippets of advice to help you choose the right storage solution for your space.   

Before you make your decision, it’s a good idea to consider the size you need. Are you looking for a small chest of drawers to squeeze into a tight corner of your room? Or do you have plenty of space for a larger size? If you don’t have much room, then you can always make the most of vertical storage with a tall chest of drawers instead.   


If you’re furnishing a bedroom as a couple, you may want to consider a double chest of drawers. With two separate columns of multiple drawers, they are ideal for adding extra storage space to avoid a cluttered space. Think his and hers sinks, but a chest of drawers! Double chests of drawers also act as a beautiful focal point for a room as they are such a statement piece of furniture


If space is limited, it’d be sensible to pick a smaller sized chest of drawers. Often slimmer, so easier to squeeze into tighter spaces, but with the perks of multiple drawers the same as a standard size chest of drawers. Store beside your bed so it is easy to reach and practical for storing alarm clocks and jewelry overnight. 

The material and style you decide on go hand in hand. For example, an antiqued wooden chest of drawers may appeal to you if you are drawn to French-inspired interiors, or a more modern, industrial design in the form of a metal might be more your style. 

Think about the sort of design details you’re looking for, too. Whether it’s soft-close drawers, traditional side runners, beautiful dovetail joinery, or drawers in multiple sizes for varied storage space, decide on the features you care most about.   

Within our collection we have a variety of designs in several different sizes and styles. Our French-inspired Chantilly collection is one of our most popular designs with its rustic finish and ornate handles. Alternatively, our signature mother of pearl and bone inlay chests of drawers are a beautiful addition to any room. Each one has been intricately handcrafted with individual pieces of mother of pearl or bone and set into resin on a sustainable mango wood frame by skilled artisans in India who we’ve worked alongside for over thirty years.