Boho Style Furniture & Decor

Inspired by hazy bohemian days with a distinct 1970's revival, our boho style furniture and accessories mix natural woven rattan and bamboo with vibrant colours and modern statement shapes that can easily transform any space. 

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Boho Decor for your Home

Here you will find our eclectic furniture collection filled with treasures sourced from far and wide across the globe. From Japandi furniture and industrial designs to French style furniture and more relaxed, bohemian looks, our range has something to suit a variety of tastes. The collection is also home to our signature mother of pearl and bone inlay furniture, where each piece is carefully handcrafted by expert artisans in India to produce a special heirloom which will last for years to come.  

How to Create the Boho Look 

  1. Welcome nature: One of the key considerations with this look is bringing nature indoors. The seventies were a time when rattan, cane and wicker appeared across boho furniture and accessories throughout the home, celebrating craft and the beauty of nature.  
  2. Be playful with colour and pattern: If you’re drawn to bright and bold colours and layers upon layers of pattern then the bohemian homeware is the trend for you. You can be as free spirited as you like with this look – try flamboyant patterns and prints, hand-blocked designs, and vibrant boho cushions and pouffes. Be bold with your choices, clash your prints and include pieces you love.
  3. Make it personal: The boho style is all about showing your personality. There’s no need to store all your personal trinkets away in a box, instead display the antiques you found at your local flea market, hang up your favourite artworks, showcase your sentimental ornaments and create a place for the postcards from your travels. We personally love to display the vintage pieces we find when we visit the French brocantes. You can read more about our trip to Provence on our blog.  
  4. Finish your room with a rug: One of the key pieces we think of when creating a bohemian style space is the rug. A boho rug is an easy way to bring in colour and pattern, and a carefully handwoven design is particularly nice when you want to invite warmth and a personal touch into your home. Feel free to layer boho homeware around this with clashing patterns and prints to achieve that free-spirited feeling.  
  5. Create a boho sofa: For real seventies-inspired style, you could choose a corduroy sofa in a deep mustard hue or a green classic velvet sofa if boho luxury is more your calling. We have a selection of customisable sofas where you can choose your style, size and one of our many fabrics to create your own boho sofa.