Dining Room Tables

Gathering family and friends around the dining table, whether for impromptu kitchen suppers or celebratory dinners on special occasions, is one of life’s simple pleasures. Our curated collection of tables come in varying shapes, sizes and styles, from solid wood farmhouse styles to marble-top tables, so you can find the perfect one for your dining space.

How to choose a dining table

Whether for informal family gatherings or entertaining at dinner parties, the dining table is always the heart of the home. Our collection has a variety of sizes and styles available, from rustic reclaimed wood dining tables and luxurious marble-topped designs to petite tables made for two or extendable tables created to seat up to twelve people.  

Square dining tables

If your dining area is a little on the tighter side, then a square shape might be a better option for you. The shape creates a very intimate atmosphere too, so everyone can sit close together, allowing conversation to flow easily. 

Rectangular dining tables

The bedroom should feel like the calmest room in your home, which means the furniture colour, comfort and style needs to feel conducive to sleep. Begin by thinking about the colours you’re most drawn to, that make you feel soothed. Shades of blue, green and neutral have a calming effect on most people, but equally brighter colours may have this impact on you – it's completely down to your personal preference. Of course, you also want to ensure the colour you pick will complement the room and will make it feel warm and inviting. In which case, neutral greys and blues won’t work for a north-facing room as they will make the space feel cold. Instead, consider warmer tones like white walls against a natural wooden bed. For more advice on making a soothing space, read our advice on how to create a calm bedroom sanctuary.  

Round dining tables

For a shape that’s endlessly versatile, look no further than a round dining table. It’s a go-to for those hosting small gatherings with family, and larger versions can still provide enough space for bigger parties with friends, too. They’re a casual dining option that tend to look right in any room, and they can also be neatly slotted into a corner so they won’t compromise much of your floor space.

Extendable Dining Tables

An extendable dining table is ideal for entertaining lots of guests on those special occasions. Ours seat between eight and twelve people, and are great for pairing with long benches so everyone has plenty of room.  

2 Seater Dining Tables

For those with a more compact dining area, a French bistro dining table paired with a couple of stools or chairs is a great way to save on space. A round dining table will also slot neatly into any corner of the room while a few collapsible dining chairs are ideal for bringing out when you need a couple of extra seats.  

4 Seater Dining Tables

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6 Seater Dining Tables

Six-seater tables and beyond tend to become a real feature of the dining room. Not only are they a practical choice for larger families, but they will also become a centrepiece which means the style you choose will have an impact on the overall look. Solid oak or pine dining tables are perfect for homes with a rustic, farmhouse feel, whereas marble-top dining tables will bring a touch of quiet luxury to your home.  

8 Seater Dining Tables

All our eight-seater dining tables are of a rectangular design ready to take centre stage in your dining area. Some of our eight-seaters are also extendable so you can even make room for up to twelve guests. 

10 Seater Dining Tables

Made for those who regularly enjoy hosting dinner parties and entertaining their guests, these tables will comfortably host up to ten people. Are you keen to go al fresco at your next dinner party? We also have a selection of spacious garden dining tables with plenty of room for up to ten people. 

To help you choose a table which is right for you, click through to our Guru blog. On this page you’ll find our blog post on how to find the ideal style, shape and size dining table for your home. Read our handy guide to choosing a dining table here

 If you’re searching for a matching look, then browse our collection of dining table and bench sets. Benches and stools are a great way to maximise space in your dining area, enabling you to squeeze a few more guests around the table.