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Cabincore | How to create the modern rustic look

Cabincore | How to create the modern rustic look

How to create the modern rustic cabincore look

Unlike its traditional cottagecore cousin that champions soft pastels and ditsy florals, the cabincore aesthetic raises rustic style to modern design. Prompting thoughts of secluded A-frames and roaring fires alongside aromas of wood smoke and fresh bakes, this look will carry you off grid with romanticised visions of today’s rural living.

But, you’ll be pleased to know, you don’t have to retreat to the depths of America’s forested Vermont to achieve this look. So, get your toasting fork ready and your hot cocoa (or cider) to hand, because we’re showing you how to bring modern rustic style into your home.



What is cabincore?

The style moves away from the typical image of cabin life filled with outdated tartan accessories and hunting-inspired ornaments, and towards a pared-back look which embraces organic textures and colours. Cosy, warm and simple, cabincore is rooted in nature and brings all our favourite parts of woodland wilderness indoors – think rough-hewn timber, earthy tones and clay-made accessories.

Decorate with earthy colours

To recreate the cabincore trend, the best place to start is with the colour palette. To invent that cosseting, comforting feel, steer clear of cool pastels and favour warm, earthy tones. Use accent accessories such as throws, scatter cushions and tableware in forest-hiking colours of mustard, russet and moss. Set these against a backdrop of grounding shades including oak brown, smoky grey and cream white.

Highlight natural textures

Modern rustic home decor is all about embodying comfort and cosiness with a nod to nature – and one of the best ways to create this feeling is through texture. Against dark, timber-panelled walls and floors, add woollen or sheepskin rugs, faux fur pouffes, organic cotton bedding, crisp linen table accessories, dried flowers and chunky woven throws.

Welcome with fire

Whether you have a living room fireplace or an outdoor fire bowl, this scheme turns the hearth into the heart of the home. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside or out, either way the cabincore look means making your fireside inviting. Add floor cushions and blankets, and keep logs or coals neatly stacked and stored with a natural woven wicker basket.

Use handmade accessories

Cabincore decor means interacting with the natural world and bringing it indoors, and you can do so with local handmade pottery, enamelware and cast iron homewares. Decorate your rooms with organically-shaped ceramic planters, vases and tableware – each piece needs no pattern or adornment, the simpler the better to maintain the modern rustic look.

Layer mood lighting

The aim of this style is to create a warm, cosy, ambient atmosphere – and lighting is a crucial part of achieving this. Switch out overhead spotlights for warm-glow table lamps, string lights and wall sconces to gently illuminate each corner of the room. And if you really want to create that peaceful, off-grid feeling, then light a few candles and sit by the fireside.

Still searching for modern rustic inspiration? Head over to our cabincore Pinterest board for more ideas.

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