Wall Lights And Sconces

Wall Lights And Sconces

We love to layer lighting in our home to create ambience and character. Our collection of wall lights and sconces can highlight art or a particular feature in a room. If you are short on space, they are a good alternative to table lamps. Our collection features both traditional and playful options, from highly decorative gold and brass wall lights to quirky animal lights

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  1. Mayson Double Wall Light


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  2. Bridgerton Wall Sconce


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  3. Miller Brass Wall Light


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  4. Woodsman Wall Light


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What is a wall sconce?

Traditionally, it was a wall mounted light which was used to hold torches and candles, but today wall sconces are powered by an electric light source.

What is the difference between a wall light and a sconce?

We tend to use the words ‘wall lights’ and ‘wall sconces’ interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two. A wall lamp usually has a covering over its light source such as a glass shade whereas a sconce does not. Sconce lights also tend to be used to provide ambience. They can have a single or double arm and be either uplights or downlights depending on the direction you want to cast the glow.

How do I find the right wall sconce?

There are many kinds of wall lights and sconces in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to suit your home, from flush wall mounted lights and spotlight sconces to picture lights and candle sconces. Choosing one which works for you depends on where you place it. Brightness is also an important consideration for your wall light and many have a dimmable option so you can adjust the intensity to suit the atmosphere of the room. We recommend choosing an LED wall light for energy efficiency, too.

Where to use a wall light?

Whether it be an indoor or outdoor wall light, the space you place it in will determine the style you need. For instance, in halls and stairways you may want to consider picture lights to highlight a gallery wall of artworks, or a row of candle wall sconces to light the way and bring ambience to the space. For bedrooms, you could use a spotlight sconce on either side of your bed for ease when reading, or a directional wall light with a pivoting arm. Uplights are also ideal for these areas as their ambient glow is directed upwards which softly diffuses the light to create a calming atmosphere. Downlights on the other hand are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and home offices where you need a more concentrated light spill.  


If you’re planning on installing an outdoor or bathroom wall light, then you should also consider the IP rating. This stands for ‘Ingress Protection’, an international standard which is used to rate the level of protection lighting has when it encounters the likes of dust and water. For outdoor lights, an IP rating of between 44 and 65 is what you need. Anything else is suitable for all areas indoors except near water sources like in the bathroom. In this room a minimum of IP44 is advised within 0.6m outside of the bath’s perimeter and up to 2.25m in height from the floor.

What is the best height for a wall light?

When mounting an upwardfacing sconce light, we recommend it to be around 20 inches from the ceiling, whereas the likes of living room or bedroom wall lights are best placed at eye level when sitting.

How to install a wall light

Manufacturers will usually provide a manual on how to install your wall light, but we always recommend you consult a local professional. Installing your wall or sconce light can be a complex job, so hiring an expert will save you the struggle of wiring and ensure your safety. 


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