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Your bedroom sanctuary | 9 tips for creating a place to relax and escape

Calm, restorative and peaceful – three words that should sum up any bedroom worthy of rest and relaxation. But did you know that on average we’re actually sleeping for 90 minutes less than we did 100 years ago? According to the Mental Health Foundation’s study, it’s the usual culprits of modern day society that are eating into our beauty sleep. With more demanding work responsibilities and over-stimulation from phones and laptops, it’s no wonder getting those eight precious hours is proving difficult.

But, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re here to help you break the sleep-struggling cycle. Read on for our top nine tried and tested tips for creating a calm and cosy bedroom sanctuary that’ll have you drifting into a quiet slumber in a matter of minutes.

  1. Saying goodnight to technology
  2. Treat yourself to luxury bedding
  3. Create a calming bedroom colour scheme
  4. Bring in soothing scents
  5. Think about your furniture
  6. Set the mood with bedroom lamps and lighting
  7. Find a huggable bedroom rug
  8. Make a comfy bedroom corner
  9. Organise and minimise

Say goodnight to technology

Today’s technology is the ultimate sleep snatcher. So, putting a literal wall between yourself and your phone about an hour before bedtime will have you resisting the temptation to scroll and give your body time to wind down before drifting off into that sought-after slumber.

Instead of scrolling, try getting lost in a good book, doing some journaling or practising breathing exercises before bed. Trust us, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll slip off into a deep sleep.

Treat yourself to luxury bedding

Wrapping yourself in plush, super-soft bedding will make you feel comforted and protected at the end of the day, no matter how challenging it’s been. Grab a thick woollen quilt on a chilly evening or a breathable cotton version in summer for a cool, refreshing feel. And if you don’t already have one, a comfortable headboard to lean against during your downtime will also make your bed feel extra snug and special.

Create a calming colour scheme

It’s well-known in the design world that opting for a palette of neutrals and natural materials in the bedroom will have you feeling calm and relaxed – and, speaking from experience, we couldn’t agree more. Bring textures such as raffia, rattan and exposed timber into your room to create that outdoors-in feel, and blend them with cosy blankets, greenery and subtle pops of accent colours with home accessories such as candles and cushions.

Bring in soothing scents

Persuading the body and mind to sleep means calming all the senses, so tapping into the powers of aromatherapy is key. Invest in your downtime with favourite home fragrances and gently scented candles to really help you unwind.

Think about your furniture

When it comes to bedroom furniture, don’t overlook the humble bedside table. It’s an important sidekick to your bed and deserves just as much care and consideration. Having an easy-to-reach place to rest a glass of water, hand cream, or latest read also means you won’t have to get up again once you’ve started to drift off to sleep. You can even use a bedside table for hosting a notepad and pen – useful for when you feel the urge to write down any thoughts that are keeping you awake.

Set the mood with lamps and lighting

Thoughtfully chosen lighting is essential for creating an ambience that will make you feel relaxed at the end of a busy day. Whether it be a bedside lamp you can read your book by or ceiling bedroom lighting, try to choose warm-glow options that are dimmable and pair them with shades that will softly diffuse light.

Find a huggable bedroom rug

When creating a bedroom sanctuary, you can’t go wrong with a rug that just makes you want to lay on the floor! At G&G, we always recommend a soft, warm and cosy sheepskin or a thick shag pile rug.

8. Make a comfy bedroom corner

Instead of your bed, you might find it easier to unwind in a comfy occasional armchair. But rather than sitting in the living area with the TV as temptation, move your R&R chair to the bedroom and use it as a place to read and relax before bedtime.

9. Keep your room organised

Remember Marie Kondo’s mindful method? If it doesn’t spark joy, then don’t keep it. But decluttering to make room for rest and relaxation is only half the battle – next, turn your attention to its organisation. Even tidying the places that aren’t on show like your bedroom drawers and wardrobes can have a real impact on your state of mind, helping you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Above all though, we want you to have fun creating your own bedroom sanctuary, filling it with all the things that bring you a sense of joy and tranquillity. So, to spark more ideas on how you can create a restful retreat, visit our full bedroom collection.

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