Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Bring light to every corner of your home with our curated collection of table lamps. With an eclectic mix of sizes, materials, shapes and colours available, from petite bedside lamps and versatile desk lamps to large, eye-catching lamps and striking gold table lamps, we have a style to suit every home. Explore our range of table lamps with shades, or mix and match with our collection of hand-rolled velvet lamp shades to give it your own twist. 

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  1. Crystal Ball Lights

    From £44.00

    Available in 3 styles

  2. Perry Penguin Lamps

    From £52.00

    Available in 3 sizes

  3. White Cyrus Ceramic Lamps

    From £82.00

    Available in 2 sizes

  4. Walnut Smart Book Lights

    From £72.00

    Available in 2 sizes

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How to choose a Table Lamp?

Looking to elevate your interior decor with timeless elegance? Discover our collection of table lights at Graham and Green, where style meets functionality. Our curated selection showcases an array of table lamps, ranging from sleek and contemporary designs to classic and ornate pieces. Each table lamp in our collection boasts impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that it becomes a focal point in any room and a real talking point for visitors to your home. 


The strategic placement of table lamps can enhance the overall atmosphere and highlight specific areas, such as cosy reading nooks or atmospheric, welcoming hallways. Additionally, you could add a personal touch to the room by selecting a table lamp that harmoniously complements your ceiling lights, effortlessly transforming your room into a cohesive and sophisticated space.

Wooden & Glass Table Lamps

Wooden Table Lamps bring a warm, organic feel to a room perfect for introducing a cozy-Hygge or Japandi design to a sitting room. We offer a range of textured wooden table lamps, that can be an interesting focal point on a sideboard or console table. Remember not to place your table lamp too high - the shade should always be within your eyeline when sitting. You may wish to pair with a natural, textured shade, such as raffia, to complement the table lamp.

If your design preference is more bright & modern, Glass Table Lamps introduce colour, iridescence and reflection into your sitting room or bedroom.  Glass lamps are usually quite large, so be sure to place items around them sparingly, otherwise your space will look cluttered. 

You should look to pair with a darker muted shade, so that the table lamp itself is the focus.

Bedside lamps

Simple, sculptural table lamps made of metals like brass and gold are ideal for minimal, modernist bedrooms. If you’re looking for something more traditional, then a lathe-turned wooden lamp base paired with a classic empire shade with a delicate print is a great choice. For style inspiration, browse our shop the look curations such as Scandi and French-inspired.  

Think about the bulb you want to use as well. For a soft, warm yellow glow, choose a bulb which is around 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin. The light it omits will create that cosy atmosphere which you need to lull you into a peaceful night’s slumber. 

Desk lamps 

Size and adjustability are key when choosing a lamp for your desk. Look for desk lamps which have the functionality to swivel and include adjustable arms – this means you can really target the light for those important tasks on your to-do list. Unlike bedside lamps, you should choose a slightly brighter bulb. You don’t want it to be too clinical, but a cooler white light will enable you to see your work more clearly, especially for any particularly detailed tasks. LED bulbs are the perfect choice as they have a clear, bright light and are also great in terms of energy efficiency.