Christmas Tableware

Transform your table into a winter wonderland full of pieces you love – from beautiful tableware and linen napkins to your most special glassware. Add festive decorations, seasonal foliage and plenty of candles. Not forgetting those little extras: Christmas Crackers, party poppers and indoor fireworks, for a joyful table this Christmas.

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Christmas dinner table decorating

Prepare your dining table to be at the heart of the festivities this year with our lovingly chosen Christmas tableware and advice on how to make the most of these seasonal treasures. 

Christmas crockery

This is the one time of the year when you can show off your favourite crockery, so it’s a good place to start when styling your Christmas tablescape. Whether you’re drawn to classic designs, delicate scalloped plates, or wooden rustic serving dishes, use your Christmas kitchenware and crockery as the starting point for creating a festive dinner table.

Christmas glassware

The bedroom should feel like the calmest room in your home, which means the furniture colour, comfort and style needs to feel conducive to sleep. Begin by thinking about the colours you’re most drawn to, that make you feel soothed. Shades of blue, green and neutral have a calming effect on most people, but equally brighter colours may have this impact on you – it's completely down to your personal preference. Of course, you also want to ensure the colour you pick will complement the room and will make it feel warm and inviting. In which case, neutral greys and blues won’t work for a north-facing room as they will make the space feel cold. Instead, consider warmer tones like white walls against a natural wooden bed. For more advice on making a soothing space, read our advice on how to create a calm bedroom sanctuary.  

Table linens and napkins

Next, it’s time to lay down luxurious table linens as well as Christmas cutlery, napkins and napkins holders. If you have a large gathering and more than one dining table to cover, then make sure you have enough table linens to go around. Try buying or creating your own place card settings for your guests too, it’s a thoughtful touch that we're certain they will appreciate

Festive candle centrepiece

Top off your Christmas table with a festive candle wreath or a trio of pillar candles in varying sizes to complete your centrepiece.  

Crackers and poppers 

You simply can’t celebrate the occasion without the obligatory Christmas crackers, and we recommend adding a few festive poppers and indoor fireworks into the mix, too! Whether you enjoy making your own crackers or selecting a set which has a thoughtful choice of miniature gifts inside, these are a must for bringing joy to your table