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Wedding gift list ideas from the experts | Tips from Prezola

Wedding gift list ideas from the experts | Tips from Prezola

Wedding Gift List Ideas From The Experts | Tips from Prezola

It’s such a joy to watch two people in love tie the knot on their special day. But, as most guests know, choosing a gift for the occasion can be just as tricky as it is for the bride and groom to curate the perfect wedding gift list. So, that’s why we’ve asked the experts at Prezola for their specialist ideas on creating the ideal wedding gift list.

We spent ten minutes with Prezola’s Brand Manager Lauren Enever, who shared her thoughts on why a wedding gift list is such an advantage and what the most popular wedding gift list choices are at Graham and Green right now.

Why create a specialised wedding gift list?

“The beauty of a wedding gift list is each item has been specially picked by the couple, so as the bride, groom or guest, you’ll know that the present you pick or receive is something that will be treasured and cherished.’’

What is the most coveted wedding gift list item at the moment?

“Our couples are loving the Cast Iron Fire Bowls. It certainly has been the year for gardens, with so many people finding a newfound love for their outdoor spaces. We’ve seen a particular focus on cosy garden corners where the comforts of indoor living blend into patio spaces and pergolas. Fire pits and bowls are also the perfect centrepieces for these areas, especially when planning a romantic evening under the stars.”

What gifts do you think will be popular with newlyweds in future?

“Now more than ever we are aware of our impact on the environment, and sustainability has become a huge factor when deciding what to buy for our homes. For this reason, we predict the Esben collection at G&G will continue to grow in popularity. It’s not hard to see why it’s already a firm favourite amongst Prezola couples. The retro-inspired style with its Scandinavian twist blends seamlessly with so many colour palettes and interior styles. But the best part is that each piece has been handcrafted from beautiful, sustainable mango wood.”

What’s a go-to gift for couple’s seeking practicality?

“Most couples want to create more space in their home, and the room they often struggle to do that in is the kitchen. Graham and Green’s Whitewashed Hudson Kitchen Island is a true investment piece and will completely transform a kitchen without messy renovation work. Not only does it create valuable worktop space, it also has a huge amount of storage, which means plenty of potential for beautifully organised cupboards.”

What’s the best gift for fun-loving couples?

“For a touch of fun that’s balanced with a dose of opulence, the gift to go for has to be G&G’s Round Drinks Trolley with Marble Shelves. From Friday night cocktail parties to mid-week G&Ts, it really is a showstopper that’s made to wheel out when you want to impress your guests. When it’s not in use, you can style it with gorgeous glassware and a houseplant or two and it’ll still continue to be a beautiful focal point.

“For lovers of unique and quirky homewares, then the Hetty Hare Lamp is a must. This is one of the most popular Graham and Green gifts added by our couples and its fun design will be sure to charm guests of all ages.”

Which gift are couples most likely to treasure forever?

“Longevity is, of course, important when choosing a gift – and the Bella Velvet Armchair is a sound choice. It’s certainly an investment piece but its timeless design and colourway means it’s one that can be treasured and passed down through generations. Pair it with a small side table and lamp and you’ll have a cosy reading nook for years to come.”


Any final words of advice for couples choosing their gift lists?

“The important thing to remember is no two gift lists are the same because no two couples have exactly the same taste. Having a personalised wedding gift list is about picking all those beautiful things that are important to you, your home and your lifestyle. Your wedding gifts should be unique and be ones that bring you joy.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Whether you’re a guest or the happy couple, we hope this has sparked some wedding present ideas. But if you’re still stuck for inspiration, then have a browse through our full collection of wedding gifts

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