Mirrors are the perfect fusion of practicality and style, creating the illusion of light and space wherever you decide to display one. Choose from striking mid-century styles with metallic frames to timeless bevelled-cut mirrors that blend into any room. Browse our different ranges including floor, table, bathroom and wall mirrors to help narrow down your search.


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  1. Bevelled Edge Mirrors

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    Available in 2 sizes

  2. Otto Luggage Racks with Mirror

    From £395.00

    Available in 2 colours

  3. Orwell Slim Swivel Mirrors

    From £195.00

    Available in 2 colours

  4. Ariana Mirrors

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    Available in 2 sizes

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  1. Category: Garden Mirrors

Decorative mirrors

A decorative mirror can really enhance the style of your home and bounce light around your room. G&G’s Jamie Graham has collected an eclectic range of beautiful styles, from vintage-inspired distressed mirrors and antique looks to rustic wooden mirrors and luxurious black, brass and gold mirrors. For those in search of something more traditional though, we have a selection of classic bevelled mirrors, too. 

Statement mirrors, like our beautiful jade-green bone inlay and our convex mirrors will become a real feature of your room and help to tie your interior style together. Whereas if you’re keen to create a more pared-back, natural Scandi-inspired look, then bamboo or rattan mirrors will work perfectly. 

We also have a range of window mirrors within our Fulbrook collection. These are suitable for both indoors and out, making them ideal for creating a stylish spot in the garden.  


Whether you're hoping to create the illusion of space with large, round wall mirrors, bounce light around the room, or simply create a focal point with a convex mirror, our collection will transform your home.

Here, you’ll find designs that cater to every style; black-framed wall mirrors and industrial wall mirrors, as well as practical wall mirrors with shelves and convex mirrors in various sizes to catch the eye. 

Small and large mirrors  

The G&G collection comes in a range of sizes, from petite designs with shelving best suited for bathrooms, to large and extra large mirrors made for adorning the area above a living room mantelpiece or hallway console table. 

Square and round mirrors

We like to provide a choice of shapes in our collection, too. From circular mirrors and square designs to square, rectangular, oval and arched shapes, there’s plenty of scope for mixing and matching a few different looks together.  

Where should I put my mirror? 

Bedroom mirrors

When choosing a mirror for the bedroom, it’s important to opt for one which is practical for your needs. Freestanding, full length mirrors are great for bedrooms with plenty of floor space and they will enable you to see your whole outfit. A large standing mirror also means you can bounce plenty of light around the room even if your curtains or blinds aren’t fully open, helping you to maintain some privacy.  

Living room mirrors 

Large square or round wall mirrors are ideal for living rooms. Not only do they bring style, but they’re also excellent for darker areas as they will help bounce any light around the space.  

Hallway mirrors 

Choosing a mirror for your hallway depends on the type of space you have. If you have room, then tall mirrors attached to the wall are a good idea. Alternatively, if the only space you have is above your console table, then a large wall mirror might be a better option.