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For perfectly styled interiors, it’s all about the details. Don’t forget the importance of fixtures, fittings and practical household essentials. Our utility collection covers all the odds and ends needed for the perfect finishing touch. Bathroom accessories to hold your vital bathing essentials, hooks, door knobs and handles to add the perfect finishing touch and fireside accessories for you to make the most out of your log burner. Our dreamy home fragrances will leave your home smelling divine and our small storage will keep your valuables safely stowed away.

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  1. Category: Small Storage
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  1. Nahla Wicker Baskets Nahla Wicker Baskets

    Nahla Wicker Baskets

    From £52.00

    Available in 3 sizes

  2. Marbled Glass Boxes

    Marbled Glass Boxes

    From £29.95

    Available in 2 sizes

  3. Pug Pencil Pots

    Pug Pencil Pots

    From £19.95

    Available in 2 colours

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