Christmas Tree Decorations

Transform your home with our very best luxury Christmas tree decorations. In our collection, you’ll find everything from glass Christmas baubles to traditional tree ornaments. Fellow lovers of feathered and furry friends are in luck too, as we have a unique collection of animal Christmas tree decorations with the likes of felt mice and reindeer, as well as quirky bird Christmas decorations. Match your Christmas baubles and tree decorations with a set of Christmas lighting which has a warm glow and will bring that festive finish to your home. 

Unique Christmas Baubles

Investing in a Graham and Green Christmas tree decoration is much more than just a luxury Christmas bauble to bring you joy each year. These one-of-a-kind treasures transcend traditional decorations, and promise to adorn your tree with a personal touch which reflects the essence of your personal interior flare and festive spirit. From vintage-style Christmas tree ornaments to unique Christmas baubles, our Christmas tree decorations stand out from the crowd.

Embrace the joy of discovery as you explore the distinctive Christmas tree baubles in our curated collection, destined to become cherished heirlooms that will carry the spirit of Christmas for generations to come.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Arguably one of the most exciting Christmas traditions, decorating a Christmas tree brings families together and creates lasting memories, immortalised in the form of Christmas tree decorations and baubles. If you’re wondering how many baubles and Christmas tree decorations you’ll need for your tree, you can use this handy bauble calculator.

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, remember to be true to your own personal tastes, and select the colours, shapes and styles that stand out to you most. Whether you lean towards cohesive sets of Christmas decorations or desire unique Christmas baubles as stand-out, individual pieces, our diverse range of Christmas tree ornaments promises to cater to your preferences, ensuring an adornment that reflects the true essence of the season.

    1. Shape your tree first, separate out branches and fluff out the needles. Even if you have an artificial tree, wear gloves to prevent scratches.

    2. Have a theme or concept in mind; is your tree going to be traditional, whimsical or modern?

    3. Find a colour palette that complements your décor. Soft golds and silvers work well with the neutral tones of Scandi and Japandi while maximalist rooms benefit from eclectic colour schemes of teals and fuchsias.

    4. Remember to pick a tree skirt that matches the tree decoration. If your Christmas gift wrapping paper is themed, pick a skirt that complements this theme or colour.

    5. Test your Christmas tree lights. Always check your lights before you start wrapping them around the tree.

    6. String the lights first. From the bottom of your tree, wrap the lights around the trunk toward the top. Once you reach the top of the trunk, start weaving around the top branches, then slowly down until you're back to the base. The trick is to weave under and over branches, placing some lights deeper into the tree will add warmth and depth.

    7. Then test your lights again, and then make any adjustments before you start decorating the tree.

    8. If you're adding a tree garland or tinsel, place this on the tree first before placing Christmas baubles. If your theme is more neutral, try amber or wooden beaded garlands to add texture. Placing garlands vertically also helps to create a contrasting pattern to horizontally wrapped lights.

    9. Think about the size of your Christmas tree decorations. Larger decorations should be placed closer to the trunk for depth, while smaller ornaments should be hung closer to the branch tips. If your theme is modern, consider the geometry of your placement, ornaments should be spaced further as you reach the base of your tree.

    10. Be safe. If you have small children or pets, avoid heavy or fragile ornaments towards the base of the tree.

    11. Remember to be sentimental, put homemade or heirloom decorations to one side for more prominent placement later.

    12. Think about clustering your tree decorations and Christmas baubles. An alternative way to decorate a tree is to take large, medium, and small decorations of the same colour, and place these as clusters of decorations around your Christmas tree.

    13. Take a step back. Does the tree look even from a few meters away? Remember to rotate the tree if it is not being placed in a corner, to ensure it looks great from every angle.

    14. Have fun! Put on some Christmas music as you decorate your Christmas Tree to make it an event and get you into the festive spirit. Once you're done, enjoy a hot cocoa!