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The cottagecore trend | How to embrace this style in your home

The cottagecore trend | How to embrace this style in your home

Cottagecore is a movement that revels in nostalgic English countryside style, skills and crafts. It embraces a simpler, more sustainable way of life that is more in harmony with nature. Cottagecore came into its own last year, when many of us were looking for comfort and cosiness, and returning to traditional slow-living pastimes, including flower arranging, baking and pottery. Here are five easy tips for how to embrace cottagecore in your home.


Cottagecore is all about slowing down and putting love and care into simple and wholesome activities. And what could be more wholesome than cooking and sharing a meal with those you love? Make every dinner and breakfast special using tablecloths, napkins and freshly picked flowers arranged in vases. Candles and beautiful glassware will also provide instant ambience. This trend is not about striving for perfection, rather it’s about embracing a more relaxed approach and serving simple, nourishing foods in a beautiful way. Where possible, always take meals outside for an impromptu alfresco picnic.


Who doesn’t love relaxing around a fire? This deeply primal ritual will create a warm mood to your evenings. The aroma of wood smoke and the sounds of logs crackling gives us an instant sense of home and comfort. Here you can share stories, play board games and enjoy curling up with family and furry friends. And, as the evenings get warmer, you can invoke the same feeling of cosy togetherness with an outdoor firepit, a packet of marshmallows, a few glasses of wine and a late night stargazing session. Who needs Netflix?


Cottagecore all about acknowledging the healing nature can bring us. Houseplants and fresh-cut flowers are great, easy ways to bring more nature into your home. They brighten up any room and fill it with glorious perfumes. However, dried grasses and flowers are also great for giving your home a feeling of connection to nature. Choosing furniture in warm natural materials is also a great way to make your home feel connected to the great outdoors.


Nothing says romantic cottagecore style like floral prints. Whether you use them on cushions, other soft textiles, in paintings, or plaster your walls with them – florals are the easiest shortcut to cottage chic. Go as overboard or as minimal on this as you like.


Layering up different fabrics and mixing prints is another surefire way to create cottagecore charm. The more ruffles and trims the better! Stripes, gingham and checked fabrics are particular stalwarts of this look and will add instant quaint style.

We hope you liked these five easy tips for embracing cottagcore in your home and that you’re feeling inspired to slow down and enjoy the good life.

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