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Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

While receiving wedding gifts from guests on the big day is customary, marking the years of marriage with a milestone present thereafter is one for the happy couple to think about. 

Each year is represented by a particular material, with the most well known milestones – usually 25 years years and beyond – being associated with precious metals and gems like rubies, sapphires and gold. But, have you ever found yourself wondering what material represents a 3rd wedding anniversary gift? And if so, what sort of present ideas are out there to buy for your partner?

What is the 3rd wedding anniversary gift?

Traditionally, a 3rd wedding anniversary gift is made from leather which is symbolic of shelter, security and building a happy home together. Though in more recent times, crystal and glass have been introduced as 3-year anniversary gifts, with their clarity and transparency representing the mutual love and depth of knowledge a couple have for one another.

3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas

For a special present that represents your time together, have a browse through our selection of leather and glass wedding anniversary gifts and ideas that will give meaning to your three-year milestone.

Glass Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For those that are drawn to the more modern take on tradition, have a look at our glassware and glass table lamps for that extra special anniversary gift.

Leather Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re an old soul who wants to continue centuries-old tradition, then cast your eye over our eclectic collection of leather presents for your 3-year anniversary gift. Our curated range spans across an array of bags, wallets and keyrings.

On the hunt for more inspiration? Check out our full collection of wedding gift ideas.

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