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Slow mornings | How to make your kitchen into a coffee shop

There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee. Opening a bag to bury your nose into the rich caramelised scent is almost as good as the taste of it. It’s up there with the smell of buttered toast, clean bedlinen or freshly cut grass for the way it makes you feel. A little bit of unexpected joy, a glow of nostalgia, and an urge to stand still and inhale it so deeply that your eyes half close in the bliss of the moment.

It isn’t just the cup while we get ready for work anymore. We dedicate entire blocks of our time to the concept of it. Sipping mugs of milky lattes on a Saturday morning to catch up with friends or a solitary Sunday whiled away in a coffee house: A book and a cappuccino in hand while the city gets caught in a rainstorm.

Coffee is more than just a drink, it’s the cornerstone of indulgent luxury. And while we wistfully reminisce about sitting inside our local coffee spot, we can recreate the experience in our own homes whilst we wait to once again support our favourites. Here we detail our top tips for creating that coffee shop style in your kitchen.


It all starts with the coffee and that heady aroma wafting around the kitchen. Sure, a good standard blend will make a nice cup but take the time to find the flavour notes that suit your tastes and you’ll elevate your morning beverage to barista worthy heights. Smoky, toasted or fruity, support your local coffee shop by picking up their house blend or let them recommend something just for you and how to prepare it to perfection. We love Roundhill Roastery, brewed locally to our head office in Bath, and for adventures around Wales, Jamie and Lou always top up the camper van cafetière with Coaltown Coffee, a local Welsh brand.


There is nothing more difficult than searching for The One. That one match-made-in-heaven cup that makes you feel totally complete. The one you always reach for because it fits perfectly in your hands. It could be the polished porcelain with a refined look that you’ve always dreamed of or the comfortingly tactile hand thrown mug you didn’t realise was exactly what you needed; a little rough around the edges, ever so slightly wobbly, but totally supportive.

You might spend years searching to find the perfect partner to commit to and perhaps along the way there will be a few broken hearts, and handles, until finally you find it: The One to spend blissful mornings snuggling into and chilly evenings wrapped around.

And then there are those of us who have a cup for different moods and different times of the day: Texture and colour jostling for space in the kitchen cupboards. A growing family of companions who seem to repopulate of their own accord until there’s at least four times the number of cups to household members. Picking a favourite among them is more shameful than choosing a favourite child. You love them all in different ways, how could you possibly choose?

Whatever your preference, choosing tableware is deeply personal. Like the branding of a coffee shop it is the stamp of personality that captures your very essence. Exuberantly patterned? Textured and handmade? Minimalist perfection? Express your individuality with tableware that speaks to you.


Every coffee shop has it’s own unique style. Some are achingly cool designed to create a statement, others are homely affairs like stepping into a friends’ house. Here, we’ve chosen three distinct looks to inspire you; the rustic industrial bakery, the Parisian style bistro and the cosy bookshop.


Chalky blackboard menus, concrete planters overflowing with greenery and a mosaic of white subway tile and wood tambour. Choose long trestle style tables crafted from reclaimed pine and pair with matching benches draped in sheepskin.

Brimming with freshly baked bread, style iron shelving units with your latest venture in sourdough starters.

Flat whites are served in deep stoneware mugs and rustic sandwiches of artisan cheese and homemade chutney are piled high on teak chopping boards.


For the romantic Parisian style bistro take your coffee shop outdoors to a sunlit patio or dappled courtyard.

Fill fluted bud vases with whimsical posies and place them on round marble tables. Pair each table with a duet of cane chairs and striped seating pads.

Serve that rich dark espresso with sugar-dusted pastries that burst with fruit and fresh cream, on scalloped tableware and linen napkins.


Books teeter in towers around armchairs and small tables in this cosy coffee shop style.

The seating is as low as the lighting as you settle into a novel and a plush velvet armchair or caramel brown leather sofa.

Details are luxurious and tactile; fringed lampshades in jewel tones, hand- knotted rugs, and golden side tables for your milky latte and homemade scones. Escape for hours tucked into this literary lover’s haven.


Ambience is that mystical quality that sounds like a nonsense word until we notice that’s exactly what’s missing. The feel of your favourite coffee shop is what draws you in to begin with and keeps you coming back every time. Maybe it’s a quiet independent filled with readers and writers seeking companionable solitude; the sound of pages turning and the whispery scratch of a crossword being filled in. Or it could be a bustling hub of creatives; a cacophony of conversation and clattering cups to get you inspired.

The ambience of your kitchen coffee shop will rely on the scents and sounds as much as the style. Curate a playlist of relaxing tunes to play in the background – maybe some muted classical music or even some coffee shop white noise to get you fully immersed in the experience.

Cluster a few tables and chairs grouped outdoors and you can welcome the company of a few friends to enjoy your very own private coffee shop. Whichever style you choose, create the bustling bistro or cosy book nook of your dreams with our collection.

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