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How organising is good for your health

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How organising is good for your health

How organising is good for your health

Since the rise of Marie Kondo, home organisation has become big business. Instagram is awash with experts who extol the virtues of a tidy home and, in our own search for a harmonious space, we have found that all paths lead to having the right kind of storage. To help you, we have gathered advice from a few organisation experts so that you too can create a calm space at home.

No mess, no stress

Kate Ibbotson, professional organiser and founder of A Tidy Mind blog, says: “There are a number of ways in which clutter can affect your home and your well-being, too. In fact, never underestimate the power of a clean and clear home that contains minimal mess. Think how calming it is to cook in a kitchen that isn’t full of dirty dishes. Notice your stress levels disappear as you tidy up the mess.”

A kitchen island with plenty of drawer space is a savvy solution, meaning everything can be tidied away and surfaces can easily be kept clean and clutter-free.

Cabinets of curiosity

We love to display collections of inspiring things in glass cabinets or curate vignettes of beloved treasures on top of a sideboard or dresser. Why not arrange a trio of ceramic vases or your favourite glasses so you are surrounded by things that, as Marie Kondo would say, spark joy. Eleanor Ratcliffe, environmental psychologist and lecturer at the University of Surrey says: “A home design that reflects who you are – your values, needs and interests – can make you feel good about yourself and more in control.”

A sanctuary for sleep

Tidiness extends to your bedroom, too. We all experience that feeling of joy and calm in a freshly made bed, and it seems this also aids sleep. In a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 75% of people said they get a better night’s rest when their sheets are freshly cleaned because they feel more comfortable. 

A cluttered bedroom can also impact how restful your sleep is. A wardrobe or chest of drawers will allow you to store clothes and keep clutter at bay. For those wanting to take sorting to the next level, Nicola Lewis, aka @Thisgirlcanorganise, extols the virtues of categorising your wardrobes by colour or season.

A place for everything

A tidy home doesn’t need to mean categorising your belongings into uninspiring plastic boxes. As we all try to lead more sustainable lives, we’re looking to plastic-free storage solutions, like glass jars or woven baskets. Baskets can be placed inside each other and used as decoration or taken apart to be used as storage. 

So it’s clear that storage solutions help to make our homes more organised and our busy lives a little easier. Storage can come in many shapes and forms which can themselves “spark joy” and enhance our homes. Check out our home storage collection for more inspiration.

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