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The Art of Kilim Weaving

The Art of Kilim Weaving

Since we opened our doors in 1974, we have been devoted to keeping traditional crafts alive from all over the world. And the ancient art of kilim weaving is one such pastime. Every thread that’s loom-woven by deft hands is imbued with history; an artisanal expertise that’s been passed down from one generation to the next.

Our kilim rug collection is a celebration of this rich heritage, and it’s one that we would like to share with you.

What is kilim weaving?

Kilim weaving is a truly ancient technique that originated in the fourth century within the countries that made up the former Persian Empire. It’s well known for its flat, pileless weave where the warp and weft are bound together to form a beautifully rich tapestry. Its array of colour and intricate pattern are often inspired by a certain region or culture.

The artisans behind the craft

The art of kilim has tracked its way all over the world since the fourth century. But today, our rugs are crafted by skilled artisans who are from rural Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in India. And, we’re proud to say, we have been working alongside our good friends in the same workshop for over 25 years.

Woven with care

To make our kilim rugs, the artisans begin by bundling the threads together ready to be dyed. The warp threads are then attached to a wooden punja loom – a vertical frame on which the entire weaving process is carried out by hand.

Swift, skilled artisans bring each individual weft thread under and over the warp to create the beautiful kilim tapestry we know and love. Finally, the rug is cut off the loom ready for fringing to be added and the edges serged by hand.

One with nature

Our kilim rugs are made from a mix of jute blended with a little cotton – natural fibres that are well known for their hard-wearing resilience. While jute is a strong and sustainable rain-fed crop that’s spun into coarse rustic threads, cotton provides the rug’s soft texture underfoot.

We are immensely proud to be friends with a community of such talented artisans. To see more of their work, browse our woven rug collection.

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