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Table & Desk Lamps

Table lamps

Everything looks better under the right light. We believe that you should extenuate the beauty of your home and in turn show it off with the help of creative lighting.

Decorate your tables and other furniture with the help of Graham & Green’s collection of table lamps. From the classic and traditional, to the modern and stylish, to the ‘out there’ items, Graham & Green have the perfect table lamp to suit every style of home. Whether you are looking for an ornamental piece for your living room table or a set of lamps for your bedside tables, we offer it all!

One of our favourite items here at Graham & Green is the stunningly effective yet unique Eiffel Tower Lamp which comes with a black lamp shade. The perfect accessory for any home office or living space, this lamp will be sure to make a spectacle.

For a touch of vintage elegance our beautiful Figaro Table Lamp will look a million dollars set upon any table or bedside table. This stunning table lamp’s reflective tone will allow natural light to bounce around the room freely and would look fabulous with any coloured lamp shade.

Take a trip back to the 60s with our ultra funky Astro Lava Lamp. This funky lamp is the original design by Edward Craven Walker in 1963 and each lamp is hand filled and hand crafted by skilled British Craftsmen, offering you only the best of British!

Whether you are looking for classic elegance, contemporary style or something to provide a focal point to your chosen room, with our vast collection of table lamps, we can be sure to help. So why not trust us and invest in table lamps for classic switched on style as well as function and beauty!

Desk lamps

For an uplifting light ideal for a home office, a console table or any formal living space, our collection of desk lamps will fit the bill perfectly. Whether you are working hard, jotting down notes or whether the kids are painting a picture; you of course need ideal lighting so that you can clearly see and do the task in hand.

Desk lamps don’t just have to be used in the home office or downstairs living space, however. Add a contemporary feel to your bedroom by using directional desk lamps as bedside lighting. Not only will they provide bright lighting perfect for those late night reading sessions, but the bright beams can also be redirected as to not wake your sleeping partner. It’s a win, win situation really.

There is something eminently covetable about our 40s Style Industrial Wooden Desk Lamp. With a fully adjustable arm and bright lighting spectrum this iconic-themed desk lamp is both functional as well as stylish. Alternatively our Alchemy Desk Lamp offers tradition as well as style. This heavy weight, chrome desk lamp would not look out of place in Sherlock Holm’s office due to its traditional appearance and sleek style.

To add a fun touch to your home, our Teacup and Saucer Table Lamp is quirky yet vintage. Made in England this teacup and saucer lamp is part of our quirky tea range. Ideal for any kitchen or dining room space, this collection of fun lighting including teacup and teapot shaped pendant lighting will be sure to add that special something to your living space as well as creating a focal point for guests.

Different lamp styles are optimal for different functions such as reading, office work or hobbies. Graham & Green's vast range of desk lamps will perfectly suit any function you so choose!

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