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Round & Oval Mirrors

Round & Oval Mirrors

Every room needs a mirror; mirrors should be an integral part of any room. Floor Mirrors, Venetian Mirrors, Wall Mirrors and Round & Oval Mirrors; there really is so much choice. However, when making this choice it is advised that you consider what it is that you want your mirror to do. Do you want it for functional reasons, would you like it to accentuate space, create light or just sit pretty and look decorative?

Round or oval mirrors are a great addition to any room as they offer a softer look than square wall mirrors and can often be used in the same way that spot lights are used; to enhance specific areas or items within your home.

Round & oval mirrors are also used a lot within the discipline of Feng Shui decor, this is due to the fact that they attract and move the flow of energy within a given room. According to popular belief; an oval mirror placed near the entrance of your home increases the flow of good energy which in turn improves opportunities in life.

We offer an extensive range of round and oval mirrors that serve different functions as well as providing unique decorative accents to any room.

Our best selling Pyramid Round Wall Mirror is just stunning. Its beautifully sculptured, 3-dimensional design will add texture to any wall as well as having the ability to bounce natural light around your chosen room.

Alternatively, our retro-styled Sunburst Convex Mirror will add that ‘wow’ factor to any home. This stunning mirror really is a round wall mirror masterpiece with its striking design and gold painted effects.

So there you have it, not only are round and oval mirrors a beautiful addition to your home, but according to Feng Shui; they also increase the flow of energy and increase life opportunities, happy days!

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