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Home Office

Home office

An office doesn’t have to be just a functional space. Whether you use your home office to work from or whether you just use it to write the occasional cheque, Graham & Green has plenty of home office furniture and accessories that will turn your office from functional to fabulous in no time at all.

As well as good lighting and comfortable, yet not fall asleep comfortable, furniture, your home office needs to be a relaxing yet functional space where you can concentrate and get the job done.

Store and file away documents that are not needed on a daily basis in magazine racks, box files and storage chests. Tidy away your hoards of books into bookshelves or neatly place them in between bookends. By doing this you will instantly render your desk area more efficient and perhaps even your mind.

Make those boring client calls more fun with a funky telephone. We love our Trim Telephone for example, its sleek appearance and authentic push buttons, this item is at the top of our ‘cool list’ and it comes in vibrant colours which will give your office desk an instant update. Alternatively our ScandiPhone is a real design classic, perfect for any style of home office.

Infuse your space with meaningful elements in order to improve the time spent in your home office as small indulgences will increase the productivity of your working hours. Surround yourself with family-favourite photographs, display mementos or even light a scented candle; whatever makes you feel at home.

The key is to make your workspace fun and relaxed as well as functional. It’s all about changing your perception of your workplace. If you have a boring space, then perhaps you will find your day at work boring. Alternatively, if your workspace is upbeat and classy, then perhaps this is how you will feel when in that workspace!

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