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Home Office Ideas and Inspiration

Home Office Ideas and Inspiration

Home Office Ideas and Inspiration

Rising in popularity since the pandemic, working from home is going nowhere fast. So, whether your home office is a quiet corner or the whole room, we’ve gathered our top tips for creating your dream spot to work, study and dabble in your favourite hobbies. From home office storage to setting the mood with lighting, you’ll find all our best home office ideas here.

Home Office Setup Tips

  • Find the perfect desk
  • Declutter daily
  • Switch your lighting
  • Bring in houseplants
  • Add accessories that make you smile

Five Tips for Transforming Your Home Office


Desks are the centrepiece of any home office. When choosing yours, consider whether you’re drawn to the natural textures and curves of a wooden design or the cool industrial edge of a handcrafted metal one. It is also worth taking home office health and safety advice into account, so you can make sure you’re spending time in a space that’s ergonomically designed to suit you.

There are lots of working from home desk ideas out there. But if you’re wanting to tuck away piles of paperwork, then our Erno desk will bring you extra storage with three handy drawers.

Whitewashed Irving Desk
Whitewashed Irving Desk – £595
Erno Brass Mounted Desk – £875


One of our best working from home tips is to make sure your space is clutter-free. Aim to start and end your working day by recycling paperwork, clearing away empty mugs, and making sure it’s organised.

Whether you prefer closed-door cabinetry, wall-mounted shelving, or a simple letter holder to pop on your desk, investing in home office storage will help keep everything in its place.

Mercer Brown Swivel Chair
Mercer Brown Swivel Chair
Farringdon Double Wall Shelf – £60


Good lighting is so important to avoid eye strain when working from home, particularly if you tend to start early or work late into the evening. Try adjustable table lamps that can be angled to suit your workspace. And don’t forget to give your eyes regular breaks, too!

Hood Desk Lamps – £60
Torsten Grey Desk Lamp – £65


From reduced stress levels to an improved mood, the benefits of a verdant workspace are widely known. Why not transform your desk into an indoor oasis with the help of a planter or vase filled with your favourite foliage?

Green Face Imprint Plant Pots – from £10.95
Striped Pots – from £9.95


Home office accessories, such as quirky paperweights, pen pots and bookends, will turn your desk into a creative space that reflects your personality. Choose one of our animal-themed homewares that will bring you joy even on the busiest of days, or for the ultra-organised, use a memo board to pin up notes and inspiring artworks.

Extra Large Blown Glass Blue Jellyfish Paperweight – £70
Wall Memo Board – £115

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