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Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are a spectacle that should appear in every home. From large Wall Mirrors of which allow natural light to bounce from wall to wall, to Round & Oval Mirrors which can create a spotlight effect, to full length Floor mirrors that make the dressing-up process more fun and enjoyable!

When choosing the perfect mirror for your selected room you should consider what it is you want the mirror to do and how you want it to impact the space. If you want to make a small or narrow space appear bigger then a tall, slim wall mirror or large, square wall mirror is best here. If on the other hand you wanted to create a focal point then perhaps a statement mirror is what you are looking for.

We have a fabulous selection of unique, hand-crafted wall mirrors of all shapes and sizes that will suit every style of home. From the modern, to the classic, to the art-deco, we really do offer it all.

If you wanted to introduce more space onto a room then our Mosaic Multi-Facet Mirror will do just that. This stunning spectacle allows natural light to bounce and reflect off of each multi-angled piece of glass which will in turn make your room look bigger and airier.

Here in the office we love this new Gold Highlighted Wall mirror. The stunning gold detailing around the frame makes this mirror the perfect statement piece that will look fabulous upon any mantelpiece.

All of our wall mirrors from Graham & Green offer their own individual charm and character. From the spectacularly obscure, to the traditionally elegant, to the fabulously focal; Graham & Green Wall Mirrors will add that ‘special something’ as well as the ‘wow’ factor to any room in any home!

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