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Tea Light Holders

Tea light holders

Nothing beats candlelight for making your home warm and inviting. Graham & Green have a great selection of decorative tea light holders, perfect for cradling those beautifully scented candles in as well as for adding glamour to the your home.

Since the days of candles being necessary for light, tea light holders are now seen as an instant and inexpensive way of transforming your home decor. These little touches can add a big impact to almost any room in the house. They can also add a touch of warmth and cosiness during those cold winter months. Candles cleverly placed in beautiful tea light holders can really add the illusion of warmth to any space as well as adding style and beauty at the same time.

Here at Graham & Green, we aim to provide both function and style with our vast collection of tea light holders. From the fun and quirky, to the classically elegant, to the decorative, to even the vintage, we have a tea light holders to suit every occasion and mood.

Whether you are setting the mood for a cosy night in, a summer garden party or whether you just want to change the ambiance and mood of a room, the use of tea lights and tea light holders can really alter the theme and appearance of your chosen room. To add a touch of quirky fun to your room, our Bertie Bulldog Tea Light Holder is fantastic. This adorably quirky tea light holder is one of our favourites. The crisp white ceramic really allows you to view Bertie Bulldog’s finer detailing and his quirky appearance will be sure to evoke interest with your guests.

Add the finishing touches and style your home the simple yet effective way with the help of tea light holders!

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