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Lanterns were once only used as a means of providing light to weary travellers, however, today lanterns are seen more as a unique choice of decor used to illuminate and light up a room as well as add a decorative effect to your home or garden. As these lamps are no longer a necessity, we feel like they incite a touch of nostalgia and conjure up visions of coastal retreats. They can be used for practical lighting reasons, warmth reasons or simply as a pleasing aesthetics to add to your home décor, the choice is entirely yours!

Graham & Green's range of Lanterns includes stunning spectacles, items perfect for the eco-friendly environmentalists and decorative pieces that will suit any style of home. As well as adding lanterns to your home decor, they are also the perfect accessory for those summer garden parties.

Light up the sky without littering the ground with our Pack of 5 Eco Lanterns. These eco-friendly lanterns are metal free, 100% bio-degradable and use flame retardant wool meaning that they pose no threat to humans or animals if ingested as well as to the environment. These beautiful lanterns are perfect for creating a spectacle at a wedding or party and look simply stunning when released into the night sky.

Add a touch of ambiance to your surroundings with our Chicago Lantern. This stunning architectural lantern, made from aluminium, has slated sides and a safe, square flat handle. The slants of this lantern allow candle light to pour through them, adding warm light to your home or garden. Alternatively, our Shangri Lanterns will allow coloured light to be illuminated. These hand-crafted and hand-blown lanterns, available in either pink or green, will add a pretty touch to any home or garden.

Light up your home or garden this spring/summer with the help of a lantern!

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