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Whether it’s that morning glass of orange juice or that sometimes necessary glass of wine in the evening, there’s no denying that everything looks more regal when it is accompanied by beautiful glassware!

Where glassware was once only used as a means to drink out of by those in positions of power and the rich, it is now also used as a decorative item for all. Graham & Green combines these two characteristics into our glassware to make them decorative yet functional. Our collection of glassware contains only the finest quality of glass which has been handmade with only the highest levels of care.

For a beautiful addition to any late night tipple or dinner party, then look no further than our Gustav Decanter. This Polish designed and handmade decanter offers sheer elegance as well as classical beauty all rolled into one. In addition to this stunning decanter, our Palm Tree Wine Glasses are also stylish yet functional for that glass of wine, or two.

Perfect for those up and coming summer garden parties, our Cherry Blossom Glasses are simply stunning. This set of six different coloured tumblers with frosted cherry blossom design are the perfect addition to those summer garden parties and will be sure to impress your guests!

We all believe that breakfast time should be a fun time, this is why we think that our Glass Milk Jug is a must have item. This funky looking milk jug is reminiscent of the traditional half pint open milk carton and is beautifully hand blown; we believe that it is the perfect addition to any breakfast time or tea morning.

Combining the functional with the stylish and decorative, Graham & Green’s collection of glassware really is something to be enjoyed and admired!

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