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Animal Heads


Fine antique styling meets country classics here at Graham & Green with our collection of Deer & Stag Heads.

Thankfully we have moved on from the time when a prized trophy deer or stag head was displayed on ones wall. But as these items have forever been a classic accent to many a home, the deer & stag heads are still a classic item of which many wish to have in their homes.

Our Stag Bookends would add a professional touch to any home office or living area. These majestic bookends are crafted from aluminium and have wooden bases; these bookends really are at the head of all bookends.

A new addition to our Deer & Stag heard, our White Resin Deer with Antlers will add character, dimension and style to any wall you chose to mount it upon. This item offers a more modern twist on the old classic that is the Deer head. Offering a similar alternative, our White Resin Deer Antlers will look equally as stunning. The detailing on these items is amazing and the white resin style lightens up this home accessory which puts them firmly on our wish list.

As well as primarily being decoration pieces, I have also seen deer & stag heads used in a functional manner. A relative of mine has graciously hung her necklaces over the antlers of her deer head. This, however a simple idea that it is, creates more of a focal point than many would imagine. The silver and jewels of the necklaces, set the deer head off and somehow make it look glamorous.

Create a real statement on your walls with Graham & Greens collection of Deer & Stag Heads. These stunning pieces will look spectacular on any wall and can be hung majestically in any rustic, traditional or modern home setting.

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