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Sumptuous Sheepskin


Sumptuous Sheepskin

Made from the finest New Zealand sheepskin, our collection of textured cushions, rugs, beanbags and seat pads are available in a variety of styles and colours.

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  1. Square Sheepskin Seat Pads Square Sheepskin Seat Pads

    Square Sheepskin Seat Pads

    From £32.00

    Available in 4 colours

  2. Single Sheepskins Single Sheepskins

    Single Sheepskins

    From £60.00

    Available in 8 colours

  3. Grey Sheepskin Beanbag

    Grey Sheepskin Beanbag


    Out of stock

  4. Curly Sheepskin Beanbags - Thumbnail Curly Sheepskin Beanbags

    Curly Sheepskin Beanbags

    From £495.00

    Available in 2 colours

  5. Sheepskin Cushions

    Sheepskin Cushions

    From £48.00

    Available in 3 colours

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