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Lighting within your home is now seen as an art form to evoke any mood, look or effect. Your home is a canvas of which only comes alive with the right lighting. At Graham & Green we believe that Aaron Rose got it spot on when he stated that ‘In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary’.

Every type of lamp generates different light and so it is worth thinking about what mood and effect you wish to create in each room before you chose which type and style of lighting you would like. If a certain room is used primarily for relaxation but occasionally socialising, such as the living room, then perhaps layered lighting is best here as this will cater for the different moods and uses of that room. If on the other hand a room is used for entertaining such as the dining room, then this room perhaps needs to be lit at intermediate height in order to keep the ambiance personal. The key here is to ask yourself how you would like people to feel when spending time in a particular room.

Here at Graham & Green we cater for all moods and desired effects. We have a vast range of lamps available in different styles, designs, shapes and sizes. From antique styled table lamps, to ultra modern desk lamps, to mood lighting such as lanterns, candelabras and candleholders. Alternatively, our selection of floor lamps will create the illusion of more space and our string lights will really add a decorative touch to your chosen room. Our vast collection will enhance your living space whilst at the same time add a hint of modern flare and uniqueness, class and elegance or exotic fun, depending on what style it is that you are looking to create.

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