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Made in the UK


Made in the UK

We are passionate about supporting local manufacturers and discovering unique products close to home. From our hand-rolled lamp shades made in Dorset, to home accessories and upholstery, our collection includes the very best of British.

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  1. Dicky Collection - Thumbnail Dicky Collection

    Dicky Collection

    From £1,395.00
  2. Clio Collection Clio Collection

    Clio Collection

    From £1,995.00
  3. Ruby Collection  - Thumbnail Ruby Collection

    Ruby Collection

    From £2,955.00
  4. Doze Collection Doze Collection

    Doze Collection

    From £1,990.00
  5. Snooze Collection - Thumbnail Snooze Collection

    Snooze Collection

    From £1,675.00
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