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Homegirl London selects her favourite Graham and green products from the new collection.

"With Christmas approaching I wanted to create a lovely snug living room which you can enjoy after you've opened all your gorgeous gifts..."

"I just love these Sheepskin Beanbags because they are so soft and cosy that once you've sat yourself down, you'll never want to get back up again."
<< Sheepskin Beanbags

"The Sylvester Side Table is rather rustic and totally tactile. A slab of Acacia wood rests upon retro hairpin legs, providing the perfect place to sit down your glass of mulled wine."
Sylvester Side Table >>

"Dress those bare bulbs with these generous goose feather Aurora shades for subtle and cosy lighting."
<< Aurora Shades

"Adorn your wall with this delightful deer head ornament and dress it especially for Christmas with some tasteful tinsel."
Deer Head Ornament >>

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