Explore our eclectic range of bathroom accessories that will make yours a place of luxury and escapism. Position mood-lifting delights in every corner and keep your bathroom feeling restful and balanced. Create a haven for those home spa moments of essential self-care and relaxation. Where you can sink into a luxurious bubble bath at the end of a long day with your favourite book and scented candles. A place for toothpaste kisses and shower singing. A little sanctuary all of your own.


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  1. From £38.00

    Available in 3 colours

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    Available in 3 colours

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    Available in 3 sizes

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  5. From £6.95

    Available in 2 styles.

  6. From £8.00

    Available in 4 fragrances

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    Available in 2 colours

  8. From £255.00

    Available in 3 sizes.

  9. From £132.00

    Available in 3 styles.

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