Bathroom Accessories


Bathroom Accessories

Explore our range of fun, useful and stylish bathroom accessories. Mood-lifting delights for every bathroom corner and requirement.

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  1. Ortigia Bath Salts Sachets - Thumbnail Ortigia Bath Salts Sachets

    Ortigia Bath Salts Sachets

    From £6.00

    Available in 5 fragrances

  2. True Grace Candles - Thumbnail True Grace Candles

    True Grace Candles

    From £30.00

    Available in 3 fragrances

  3. White Enamel Trays White Enamel Trays

    White Enamel Trays

    From £12.95

    Available in 2 sizes

  4. Otto Single Hooks - Thumbnail Otto Single Hooks

    Otto Single Hooks

    From £32.00

    Available in 2 colours

  5. Enamel mug scented candles Enamel Mug Scented Candles

    Enamel Mug Scented Candles

    From £12.00

    Available in 4 fragrances

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