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Our collection of unique and decorative accessories will bring a sense of fun and personality to any space. Adorn your walls with striking wall art and clocks and bring the outside indoors with faux flowers, plants, pots and vases. Invite a warm glow into your home with our candles and holders and display treasured memories with our huge range of exquisite photo frames.

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  1. Category: Jewellery Boxes and Trinket Dishes
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  1. Parat Stone Bowls Parat Stone Bowls

    Parat Stone Bowls

    From £22.00

    Available in 3 sizes

  2. Marbled Glass Boxes

    Marbled Glass Boxes

    From £21.95

    Available in 2 sizes

  3. Nut Shaped Gold Boxes - Thumbnail Nut Shaped Gold Boxes

    Nut Shaped Gold Boxes

    From £24.00

    Available in 3 styles

  4. Dotty Jewellery Rolls - Thumbnail Dotty Jewellery Rolls

    Dotty Jewellery Rolls

    From £14.95

    Available in 3 colours

  5. Hand Carved Marble Bowls - Thumbnail Hand Carved Marble Bowls

    Hand Carved Marble Bowls

    From £34.00

    Available in 2 styles

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