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Take a seat and relax in one of our fabulous chairs. We have a great selection of seating to suit all spaces, from super comfortable armchairs that you won’t want to get out of, to stylish dining chairs, stools and benches. Our unique pouffes and bean bags, crafted from exquisite fabrics make excellent additional occasional seating for guests.

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  1. Clio Collection Clio Collection

    Clio Collection

    From £2,095.00
  2. Doze Collection Doze Collection

    Doze Collection

    From £2,090.00
  3. Alma Collection Alma Collection

    Alma Collection

    From £1,975.00
  4. Ruby Collection  - Thumbnail Ruby Collection

    Ruby Collection

    From £2,955.00
  5. Snooze Collection - Thumbnail Snooze Collection

    Snooze Collection

    From £1,760.00
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