Fill your home with little stories and enchanted tales with the help of the furniture that you put within your home. Make each piece of furniture that you lovingly place within your home add character and depth to your rooms. Here at Graham & Green we believe that you should surround yourself in beautiful things of which make you happy, your home should reflect you, your character and your heart.

Interior design for Graham & Green is as breathing is to human beings; second nature. We aim to provide for you only the best in beautiful, unique pieces of furniture that will really set your home apart from the rest. We take inspiration from many different styles and era’s and endeavour to create only the most beautiful and unique pieces for you that will not only pass the test of time, but will go on to become family heirlooms.

Here at Graham & Green we strongly believe that our unique items of furniture can turn your house into a home in no time at all. Our furniture collections can turn your bedroom into a boudoir, your living room into a room that you really do want to live in and your kitchen into a culinary and stylish masterpiece. Whatever the room, we can transform it.

Add a touch of French fancy to your home with our French Chateau collection. Reminiscent of classic French design, this collection of handcrafted and hand gilded furniture will be the perfect accompaniment to your home. Alternatively, if you are perhaps more modern in style then the unique collection that is Kartell is bound to impress you. The fabulously modern yet functionally perfect Kartell collection, designed by Philippe Stark’s collection, really is a stylish marvel and is sure to set your home apart from the rest.

Whether it be timeless, elegant pieces or modern majestic pieces of furniture that you desire, here at Graham & Green we pride ourselves on the variety of beautiful furniture that is available on our website and throughout our store.