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Darwin Day Gifts


Darwin Day Gifts

In celebration of Charles Darwin’s birthday, we’ve curated a collection of animal-themed gifts in a myriad of fantastic creatures, great and small. Whether a furry or a feathered friend, a creature from the deep or from prehistoric times, you can find them all here in our zoological selection of Darwin Day gifts.

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  1. Bird Feet Planters Bird Feet Planters

    Bird Feet Planters

    Available in 2 sizes

  2. Dinosaur Ceramic Egg Cups

    Dinosaur Ceramic Egg Cups

    From £8.95

    Available in 3 designs

  3. Animal Mugs - Thumbnail Animal Mugs

    Animal Mugs

    From £7.95

    Available in 4 animals

  4. Animal Vases - Thumbnail Animal Vases

    Animal Vases

    From £55.00

  5. Mouse Lamps

    Mouse Lamps

    From £63.00

  6. Duck Feet Frames

    Duck Feet Frames

    From £39.00

    Available in portrait and landscape

  7. Pug Pencil Pots

    Pug Pencil Pots

    From £19.95

    Available in 2 colours

  8. Animal Felt Rugs

    Animal Rugs

    From £65.00

  9. Bird Feet Domes - Thumbnail Bird Feet Domes

    Bird Feet Domes

    From £32.95

    Available in 2 sizes

  10. T-Rex Dinosaur Lights

    T-Rex Dinosaur Lights

    From £12.95

    Available in 2 sizes

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